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Say Good-bye! Say Hello!

Hi and welcome back to Attentionology for K – 5 Teachers! It’s about time… …time to wave good-bye to 2013 and greet 2014 with open arms. For those who begin a new year when the calendar turns to January, as it

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Catch Kids’ Attention with Nature’s Power

This week’s Mid-Week Focus features the power of nature to catch kids’ attention. No matter what season of the year, many students always agree that the beach is a wonderful place to be. Simulate the Sea – Even if you

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Extending the Reach of Universal Children’s Day

  Hi and welcome back to Attentionology of K – 5 Teachers! Universal Children’s Day was celebrated this past Saturday. It’s origin and purpose are described in the following information from The Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI).  Every time

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De-Stressors & Attention-Getters for the Holiday Season

Mid-Week Focus this week offers ideas to help teachers and students de-stress during a holiday season… Sometimes Blank Space Is Best – If you’re suffering from “information overload,” take a few minutes out from your pressed school schedule and ask your

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Cheer Up Anxious Children

Mid-Week Focus this week features quick and easy ways to cheer up anxious children. Is it just me or have there been a frightening number of major natural disasters in a relatively short period of time around the world? If

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Decorate An Attentionology Tree – Countdown to the Holidays!

Hi and welcome back to Attentionology for K – 5 Teachers! Everyone’s busy this time of year, so here’s a quick attention-getting trick to try with your students… …Countdown to the holidays by decorating an Attentionology Tree. Make this a

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Barbara Cleary has been serving as a resource to hundreds of educators for more than 25 years. An award-winning writer, producer, teacher, and trainer, Barbara’s focus is on offering easy, fun tools and tricks that support K-5 curricula and assist teachers with classroom management.
Quick tips for common classroom conundrums: K-5
Situation: Students are having trouble writing connecting sentences between the beginning, middle and end of a story.

Solution: Show toy airplanes, pretending to make them "take off" across notebook paper. Explain to the class that stories, like airplanes, require clear "flight paths."

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