Let Students Warm Up to Wake Up!

Hi and welcome back to Attention-ology for K – 5 Teachers! Get Kids Moving to Get Ready to Learn Do you have students that seem like they’re still asleep when they get to school? Here’s an idea to help kids wake

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Let Your Students Shoot Some Hoops

Hi and welcome back to Attention-ology for K – 5 Teachers! What does today mean to you? In the US, today is a holiday with mixed emotions. Somber memorial services recognize the sacrifices of war; cookouts and pool openings celebrate

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Barbara Cleary has been serving as a resource to hundreds of educators for more than 25 years. An award-winning writer, producer, teacher, and trainer, Barbara’s focus is on offering easy, fun tools and tricks that support K-5 curricula and assist teachers with classroom management.
Quick tips for common classroom conundrums: K-5
Situation: Students continue to use lackluster verbs in their writing.

Solution: Show toy cars and pretend to make them zip across a page, telling the class that good writing includes action words (verbs) that have "zip." Ask the class for examples of "zippy" verbs like zoom, race, flash, rush, etc.

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