The Magic Hat – Mid-Week Focus – Research Break

Hats off to teachers…and this Wednesday I’m on a break researching more magic to put under the hat…the amazing power of animals to catch and keep kids’ attention with specific links to curriculum goals.

Check back with Attentionology for K – 5 Teachers again soon!

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Barbara Cleary has been serving as a resource to hundreds of educators for more than 25 years. An award-winning writer, producer, teacher, and trainer, Barbara’s focus is on offering easy, fun tools and tricks that support K-5 curricula and assist teachers with classroom management.
Quick tips for common classroom conundrums: K-5
Situation: Students are having trouble writing connecting sentences between the beginning, middle and end of a story.

Solution: Show toy airplanes, pretending to make them "take off" across notebook paper. Explain to the class that stories, like airplanes, require clear "flight paths."

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