Keep Cards Coming!

Put Attentionology Power Plays to work for you!

Put Attentionology Power Plays to work for you!

Put a new Attentionology Power Play to work for you…

…KEEP CARDS COMING to people you want to positively affect in educational settings and other workplaces.

Every year a few days before my birthday, I get a decorative greeting card from an account manager at a business I frequent.

Her well-wishes don’t end there, though, and here’s the power in her playthis smart woman also sends me (and other clients, I’m sure) cards for less celebrated occasions, like Teacher Appreciation Day (May 7 this year, at least in the US) that are specific to my interests.

Wow! I’m appreciative every time.

Do I have a positive impression of the card-sender? Absolutely, but not just because of the cards themselves, pretty as they are. It’s her care that counts, her few minutes of extra effort to sign and send a greeting to me.

It’s no secret that greeting cards are attention-getting. Good. Now ask yourself if you could use this power tool to even better effect by expanding your card-sending plan. Check out these options…

  • Create a file of your students and/or co-workers birthdays.
  • Add their home and email addresses.
  • Add special interests to the file. For example, note who talks about St. Patrick’s Day each March and plan to send Paddy’s Day cards to them. Score ideas for making handmade St. Patrick’s cards in my 03/13/13 post.
  • Google online greeting card services. Most offer the important option of personalizing cards.
  • Decide who would most appreciate print cards and who would be happy with emailed greetings.
  • Keep a box of bookmarks, stickers and other trinkets that you can slip inside cards that you send. Kids especially love getting surprises with a greeting.

Use the best power play of all when you keep cards coming…send greetings for no special occasion…just to show that the recipient is important to you!

Keep my Attentionology Power Plays “in your pocket”  every day!

Look for a new Attentionology for K – 5 Teachers on Monday, and please send comments.

Barbara The Lovable Poet


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