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Children will love taping a pet or animal photo to a paper frame tow show off in a classroom Pet Parade!

Children will love showing off their pet or favorite animal in a paper frame during a classroom Pet Parade!

Mid-Week Focus this week features another quick tip from The Attentionology Tipster…

Lead a Pet Parade in Class!

Delight young children with the opportunity to parade around the classroom showing off a photo of their pet or favorite animal.

Parades are proven attention-getters!

Ahead of the Pet Parade date, instruct students to bring a photo of their pet or favorite animal to school.

Make copies of paper frames for students to tape the photos to.

On Pet Parade Day lead the class around the room. Ask them to kids to hold up their framed photos.

Write About Pets – When you make the Pet Frame master to copy, leave some blank space below frame.

After your class Pet Parade, ask children in grades 1 and 2 to write words and phrases below their photos that describe their pets or favorite animals.

Challenge kids in Kindergarten to draw a picture of themselves playing with their animal.

Hold up a framed photo of your pet or favorite animal and share my pet poem with the class.

My Loving Dog

My dog means the world to me,

He’s faithful, gentle, easy to please.

My dog comes to my side each day,

To have his tummy rubbed or to play.

He wags his tail; looks for a toy,

No matter my mood, he brings me such joy.

When I call my dog, he’s never tardy,

Each year on his birthday we give him a party!

He’s one of the family, a special part,

He’s my best friend with a great big heart!

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Talk with you again soon,

Barbara ♥ The Lovable Poet

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