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"I'm so excited, class! Your correct answers to our math problems today are 'right on the money!'"

“I’m so excited, class! Your correct answers to our math problems today are ‘right on the money!'”

Mid-Week Focus this week features more quick tips from The Attentionology Tipster…

Create an Air of Excitement in Class! – Teaching day after day can “take the wind out of a teacher’s sail.”

How can we sustain the energy to teach in ways that create excitement for learning?

One answer: Remember yourself at the age of your students and ask what would excite you if your were an elementary school student today.

21st century children are used to being entertained. You’ll more readily catch and keep their attention if you find quick easy ways to create an air of excitement in class.

Do a Little Dance! – Quick spontaneous actions create excitement and garner kids’ attention fast.

When your students get answers correct during a math lesson, for example, throw play money in the air or do a little dance.

Students will laugh and love it.

If you’re not comfortable doing a little dance of your own, grab a puppet or a pencil and animate the object.

Point to it and announce that the puppet or pencil is doing a little dance for joy that students are catching on to math and getting answers correct.

Offer a Good Classroom Keeping Award – Get kids more enthused about minding their desk or table space.

One way to create some excitement about cleaning up is to offer a Good Classroom Keeping Award. Set a goal and an award date.

Designate time each week leading to the award date for students to mind their classroom space. Done on a regular basis, clean up time can be fairly quick.

The Award: A big ribbon attached to a photo of the winning student. Post it online in your school network and on your classroom door next to a sign that reads:

___________________ (Student’s name) Winner of Ms. _________________’s (your name) Good Classroom Keeping Award.

Small Treat – Big Hug Day – Create excitement, especially for reluctant learners, about starting a school day in a positive way.

How? Offer a small treat for a big hug to each student as they enter the classroom.

Enlist help with this effort from an assistant teacher, available colleague, or volunteer parent you contact ahead to participate in Small Treat – Big Hug Day.

Distribute Imaginary Bags to Fill with Skills – Young children are especially responsive to the power of imagination.

Opportunities for students in grades K – 2 to use their imaginations in class are exciting and rewarding.

At the start of a school day, walk around your room and act as if you’re setting a bag by each student’s desk or table space.

Announce that these are imaginary bags but they are there!

Tell the class that you want students to fill their bags to the brim with skills they work to build today.

Creating an air of excitement in your class is an effort that can offer big rewards for you and your students!

Look for more tips on Monday in a new Attentionology for K – 5 Teachers.

Talk with you again soon,

Barbara ♥ The Lovable Poet




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