Teachers on Call to Serve as Role Models in Character Education

C stands for courage, a letter and word with a powerful sound...part of the sounds of success.

Courage…teaching children to respect it and exhibit it are critical parts of character education.

Hi and welcome back to Attentionology for K – 5 Teachers!

I don’t usually write about politics, but I’m making an exception again this week…

because the face of politics (in America) today seems to be missing the tenets of character education, and I have written numerous posts about boosting good character in K – 5 kids.

The pervasive face of politics today in the US shows up everywhere…places around the world with access to media.

Is what we are witnessing what we want to serve as models for our children?

In my view, the answer is a loud “NO!” 

In my view, it takes courage to speak up about this, especially when we as teachers work so hard to model good character and boost good character in children.

If you agree with this observation and concern that character education needs more attention, please share this post with others on any and all media platforms.
Now for some practical tools and “tricks” to counter disrespect…here’s an attention-getting idea for you…

Boost Good Conduct and Good Character by Putting Key Words into Action – If your school has character education posters on classroom or hall walls, make words like RESPECT and COURAGE seem to “jump off” colorful character education and conduct posters.

Bring posters about these two important subjects to life by pairing words that relate to good conduct and good character with key action words…

verbs…that encourage kids to put good conduct and character development into action.

Teach kids that the phrase, show courage, means more than the word courage standing alone.

Remind students that words only count when you don’t just know how to read, spell, or say them…

Glen Haase, Master Taekwondo Instructor, helps a student learn to control his actions.

Glen Haase, Master Taekwondo Instructor, helps a student learn to control his actions.

you SHOW what they mean…

you PRACTICE what they mean.

Action Words Pack a Punch! – When you initiate a discussion and other activities that pack action into words to boost good conduct and good character, point out that action words pack a punch.

Make a connection with packing a punch to exhibit control, like a Taekwondo instructor teaches students to do.

Ask the class to think about how they can exhibit control over the choices they make about good conduct and character.

Suggest that RESPECT packs more punch when you pair the word with SHOW…Showing respect puts respect into action.

How else can you boost good conduct and good character?

One P, please, for Perseverance. Let's hear it for the sounds of success!

Perseverance is a critical skill for success in the 21st century.

Instruct Students to Write About Good Conduct and Good Character – Distribute cards to the class and ask students to write words that express good conduct and good character traits on the cards.

Elaborate on this writing activity by challenging kids to write acrostic poems that focus on conduct and character traits.

Make this activity an individual writing assignment or a class project.

As a class project, guide students by writing the letters of a word about good conduct or a character trait down the board.

Call on students to suggest words or phrases that begin with each letter in the character trait.

PERSEVERANCE is a critical skill for success in the 21st century, but help kids get their writing started with a shorter word. An acrostic poem for RESPECT might be:

R emember to listen as well as talk.

E veryone is entitled to her or his opinion.

S how consideration for people who are different.

P lease and thank you are respectful words; say them often.

E ven when we have a bad day, we still need to show respect.

C all someone by his or her name when you speak with him or her.

T ake time to think about how you can be respectful in school and at home.

When the acrostic poems are complete, engage students in another class activity that reinforces the importance of boosting good conduct and good character.

Underline the action words as I have done in the acrostic poem about RESPECT above to emphasize the importance of showing as well as knowing.

Please send comments about ways you boost good conduct and good character in kids, and share this post. Thanks!

Remember, you don’t need to be a magician to work magic in any instructional setting!

Talk with you again soon,

Barbara ♥ The Lovable Poet

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